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    Welcome to BagPix
    Securely backup and share your pictures and videos
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    Backup pictures and videos in no time
    Cross platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux
    Encrypted backup
    Safe sharing of pictures and videos
    The ultimate pictures and videos backup
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Core Features

Organise your memories

Create and organise pictures and videos in albums.

Encrypted Backup

Encrypted backup of pictures and videos.

Create groups

Share your albums with groups of people.

Cross platform

Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Minimum resources required.

Easy to use

Fast and intuitive.

Choose BagPix

Possibility to organise pictures

Organize your pictures and videos with albums.
Decide to share your albums with family and friends.

Bandwidth friendly secure backup

When pictures and videos are uploaded, BagPix bandwidth is throttled to allow you to carry out standard work/operations.

Client side encryption

You have full control over your data, nobody else can access it, unless you decide to.

Pricing Plans



  • 5 GB
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • 1 Month Trial
Private Beta


$ 9 /Monthly

  • 100 GB
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Unlimited Sharing
Private Beta


$ 25 /Monthly

  • 500 GB
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Unlimited Sharing
Private Beta

More space

$ 7 /Monthly

  • 100 GB more
  • Encrypted Backup
  • Unlimited Sharing
Private Beta

All Plans Include:

30 day money back guarantee // FREE Application // Email support

Free Desktop Application

MacOS / Windows / Linux

Get BagPix Desktop App

Download and install BagPix desktop application on your favourite platform

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Register your account with BagPix

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Import and backup your memories

Select pictures and videos you want to organise and backup with BagPix

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Share with friends and family

Invite your friends and family members and decide which memories to share with them

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